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HPE Composable Fabric

Current Landscape As technology change rapidly within the Industry – Companies and Organizations are trying to balance between CAPEX & OPEX; it’s probably safer to say – looking to lower CAPEX &OPEX. Which, in turn, lowers their TCO [total cost of ownership]. As this becomes, if not already, a common theme – Enterprises are entertaining the idea of a ‘Cloud-like’…

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AAA: Automation, Ansible, Arista – 101 basic, from Network Engineer to NetOps Engineer

Paradigm shift in IT… The landscape on how we view Networking is changing.  These days, and days/months/years to follow, automation seems to be a key aspect on how Network Infrastructure should be ran. When we look closer – it’s now the responsibility of the workload (i.e. application) to dictate how the ‘fabric’ should be laid out across our Data Centers.…

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